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We engineer, produce and deliver equipment for the handling of E-Waste, as well as Magscel-separator, which is of our own desing and has patent.

In Rantasalmi we have a line with Magscel-separator, which you can get to know on an excursion to our plant when negotiated.

The line separates plastic and iron as well as copper- and aluminium-based materials into particles of their own in a dry-separation process. The material used for feed consists of E-Waste, wiring and thin cables.


Customers will receive high-quality further treatment for E-waste in a customer-oriented way and yet affordably.

Customers will have a channel that meets all requirements of EU directives.

The line is an effective separation and crushing equipment and it is one of the best in Europe and able to effectively handle cables and wiring as well.

Our high-quality services are highly cost-efficient.

We offer recycling services in accordance with the principle of sustainable development for E-waste too and we also invest in information security.